China Will Have 300 Million Android Users by the End of 2013 (INFOGRAPHIC)

Steven Millward
9:58 am on Mar 25, 2013

86% of Chinese smartphones are Android

Let’s start Monday morning with some big numbers. Now that smartphones account for 73.2 percent of all mobiles sold in China, and with many locals opting for Android devices across a variety of price-points, it’s not too big a surprise that China is an Android nation. As neatly outlined in this brand-new infographic, China had 224 million Android users at the end of last year (already three times larger than the number of US fandroids), and is on course for 300 million by the end of this year.

Thanks to the flexibility of Google’s Android OS, various research groups reckon that 86 percent of smartphones sold in China run Android, leaving Apple’s iOS to take much of what remains (12 percent).

Chinese devs dominate apps; Foreign studios make the top games

The Chinese startup behind this infographic is Wandoujia, the third-party Android app store that went global last summer with its SnapPea app for Android-to-desktop syncing. Using the analytical data from its hundreds of millions of individual Android app downloads, Wandoujia reveals an interesting dichotomy when it comes to the top apps and games that Chinese Android users enjoy. This is largely true on iOS as well (1). Essentially, it’s mostly Chinese developers that make the nation’s favorite apps, but foreign gaming studios create China’s most-tapped games.

Indeed, only 10 percent of Wandoujia’s top app downloads are from overseas developers, while 70 percent of the leading games are from outside China’s borders – led by the ever-frantic Temple Run. Chinese giant Tencent makes four of the 10 smash-hit apps, with its WeChat messaging app rising fast to the top alongside Tencent’s old-skool QQ instant messenger app.

Good news for developers is that monetization on Android is finally getting better, especially on games. Here’s the full graphic:

300 million Android users in China

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  1. Though Chinese developers seem to be stronger on iPhone and iPad, with the homegrown – and very odd – I’m MT game being the top grossing game on iOS right now.  ↩

  • peppermint butler

    i don’t get this – wandoujia’s interface links to google play and, so is it counting everything that comes through it’s client here? or does it own 1mobile?

    and every version of plants vs zombies i’ve found in china seems to be a cracked copy with some fairly shoddy (english>chinese) translation work and links to non-popcap third-party ad sites after playing the intro levels. am i missing something here? i’d love a legitimate copy of PvsZ but have not been able to access it via any mainland channels.

  • Kai Lukoff

    Kai from Wandoujia here. I wanted to share a little more about our new developer center: developers who join us receive a special badge as a “Wanodujia Certified Developer” and are eligible for a range of special perks (launch promotions, inclusion in our Game Zone, etc.). The submission process is simple and hassle-free: fill out your developer account, submit a document to verify the app is yours, and upload your APK file. Our developer center is located here:

    We’re keen to bring your app to China! As noted above, foreign games have great appeal to Chinese users too, but you won’t reach them via Google Play.

    Wandoujia and SnapPea (our international product) are actually two very different products, by design. Whereas Wandoujia ( has a catalog of 100,000s of apps, SnapPea ( focuses on managing existing content on your Droid.
    And for the official China version of Plants vs. Zombies, it’s here:
    Note that you do have to pay after you complete the three intro levels. But you get what you pay for: the translations are correct and the graphics are sharp. PopCap is one of our Wandoujia-certified outstanding developers (豌豆荚认证的「优质应用开发者」提供)

  • peppermint butler


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