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Geeks + iTwin = :D

11:00 am on Nov 23, 2011 by Amelia Chen

I’m excited to announce that we have iTwin coming on board as a sponsor for Startup Asia Singapore. We had announced that the first 50 registrants would receive a somewhat geeky gift (in fact, we’re a...

iTwin Finally Launches Mac Version

8:08 pm on Sep 20, 2011 by Willis Wee

iTwin is a reinvented form of thumbdrive that allows file secure, wireless local file-sharing between two computers without any cables. It’s like Dropbox, just that files aren’t shared in the cloud. I...

iTwin Reinvents USB Flash Drive

12:01 pm on Jun 3, 2011 by Willis Wee

Founded in early 2008, Singapore-based iTwin wants to reinvent the USB drive. The technology is awesome and I think The New York Times would agree with us too. When Akash Nemani from iTwin sent in his...

eChelon 27 – 24 Oct

2:44 am on Oct 17, 2009 by SGE

Exclusively for this event, the TechStars team in Colorado are coming down to Singapore. TechStars provides seed capital and mentorship support for startups and run a summer program for emerging start...

After unConference Singapore 2009

6:24 am on May 20, 2009 by Gwendolyn Regina T

unConference Singapore 2009 saw a turn out of about 400 people, with a 85-15 male-female ratio (what else, did you think it was the other way round? I had actually thought female representation would ...