China’s B2C E-commmerce Giant 360Buy Rebrands

Willis Wee
9:20 pm on Mar 30, 2013

Jingdong’s new logo

One of the largest B2C e-commerce sites in China has rebranded to from The old domain,, remains and will be redirected to upon visiting.

The rebrand will make it easier for local customers to remember the URL, as there was previously a disparity between the Chinese name and the website address. Now it makes makes more sense. Also, I know some foreigners who are confused between Qihoo 360 and 360buy. But it should be easier to remember now with JD as the abbreviation of Jingdong. The rebrand is also accompanied by a new logo in the form of Joy, a mascot dog.

Earlier this year, Jingdong raised $700 million from Ontario Teachers’ Retirement Fund (OTPP) and Riyadh-based Kingdom Holding. Prior to that round of funding, Jingdong raised $400 million at a valuation believed to be of $7.25 billion. The company is also believed to be preparing for a US IPO this year.

This rebranding exercise from 360buy to JD will help foreign investors to make more sense of its corporate naming. Richard Liu Qiangdong, founder and CEO of Jingdong said in today’s statement:

Jingdong is delighted to streamline its corporate brand and launch the simpler domain, which will be easier for our Chinese customers to remember.

U.S.’s Amazon also made the same move by launching which helps Chinese customers to remember the domain name better. About a year ago, Alibaba’s Tmall also rebranded to 天猫 (loosely translated as sky cat in English) but with its domain name intact.

  • ZB

    Not that I can’t still understand the content fine, but as a journal written by journalist, really sloppy grammar and spelling going on in this article.

  • Khalan

    This was a very smart decision. Though 360 does have a specific connotation (a perigon), using numbers in a company/domain name can cause problems. The main thing to consider in this regard is what numbers represent. From a domain name standpoint, including numbers often indicates that the company was not the first to think of a given name. For example, does not seem as reputable as, nor is it as memorable.

    Not only has 360Buy lost the numbers, but they have shortened the name to a highly memorable LL .com (only 676 possible options in existence). The new, friendly mascot is a nice touch as well.

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