Saiyai Sakawee
Saiyai Sakawee
5:30 pm on Sep 19, 2013

A Bangkok-based tech blog Thumbsup has just released a dashing infographic about Thailand’s startup ecosystem. The infographic delivers on the four key points:

  • The elements of the ecosystem
  • The startups that have already succeeded
  • Rising stars in the Thai market
  • How 3G and new 4G licenses will impact the Thai tech market

Here’s the full infographic. Indulge yourself.



(Editing by Josh Horwitz and Paul Bischoff)

  • thansbic

    RT : Thailand’s startup ecosystem: who are the key players and who are the rising stars (INFOGRAPHIC)

  • geomark

    Handsome infographic. But aren’t they missing an important member from the media section – TechInAsia?!

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