Taembe.vn: The New Diapers.com For Vietnam



If you’re a Vietnamese mom and you need diapers, you need look no further than Taembe.vn. The new e-commerce site, quietly released two weeks ago, focuses very specifically on online sales of diapers.

The concept is so simple. But as we learned at Startup Asia earlier this month, sometimes the simplest ideas are the most successful. According to Tomo Huynh, Taembe.vn’s CTO:

You could say we focus on delivering diapers to doors, and if you’ve ever seen a woman carrying a pack of diapers on her bike, you’ll understand why.

Currently in this space there are two big competitors to Taembe.vn including Beyeu.com from IDG’s Project Lana, and Liulo – but both of these companies focus on general baby products whereas Taembe.vn focuses mainly on diapers (though it also sells other baby-related products).

The founding team’s made up of three main people including Tomo, who is also CTO at Alehap.vn, a local travel website; there’s Le Khac Ngan Ha, who previously worked at Vietnam Ventures Group and Brandsfavor.com, and Hien Doan, who used to work for Liulo. They all met at BarcampSaigon, one of the largest tech-related conferences in Ho Chi Minh city, and the three e-commerce aficionados saw an opportunity in this very specialist area. Ngan Ha is confident about the model:

Like Diapers.com, our focus will be on customer service. Customer service in Vietnam is still quite poor, so if we can provide superior customer service, we think we can become number 1 in a short amount of time.”

Taembe.vn already has sales. The company uses GHN for some deliveries but also has an in-house delivery team. Tomo says the startup is also “open to overseas investment from people who understand e-commerce in emerging markets.”

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