SI Camp Asia: Six Great Ideas to Solve Social Problems


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A little while back we previewed SI Camp Asia, a social innovations event that is to be held in Kuala Lumpur on November 9th and 10th [1]. At the time, the organizers were calling for ideas of how social problems might be solved through the creative use of technology.

140 ideas were submitted from all across Asia, but only six were selected for the Social Innovation Camp weekend, where the teams will work towards making them a reality. Here’s a quick run down:

  1. Blood Donors Network – “[An] immediate access to database of people who are regular blood donors as well as those who are able and willing to donate blood affiliated with the hospitals nearby.”
  2. LabRat – “LabRat empowers patient communities to accelerate research by helping fund and create personalized research projects for individuals with rare diseases.”
  3. Sex Education in Mobile Apps – “[Aims] to tackle teenage pregnancy issue by providing sex education in webpage and mobile apps. The reason being is that […] teenagers may feel shy to openly ask for advice on pertaining matters; and parents as well as educators may feel embarrassed to talk about it too owing to culture influence.”
  4. Bookat – “This is a website that encourages students and schools to help out less fortunate students in deprived areas in the country (e.g. Philippines). Through the website, people will be able to coordinate, volunteer, and donate books & materials (e.g. used books) to less fortunate students in other schools.”
  5. Civic Ticket – “CivicTicket is issue-reporting mobile end-point for Citizens to report physical civic issues, such as potholes, lifted manholes, uncollected trash in local community.”
  6. Find Art – “Find Art is a mobile app to find all forms of art in a location – hidden gems such as installation art, community art and private art collections as well as conventional art galleries, museums, events and festivals. Art lovers and artists share the ‘what’ and ‘where’ – the app gets you there.”

From here, SI Camp Asia needs to enlist folks who are eager to bring these ideas to life. And currently they are inviting developers, designers, and others to join the upcoming 48-hour event in November. So if you think you might be one of those people, you can apply here.

It’s great to see an event organized around such ideas, because society as a whole can certainly benefit from these kinds of solutions. While none of them are have the goal of to be big money-makers, they do have the potential to solve real problems that affect lots of people.

So hopefully as a result of the upcoming SI Camp Asia, perhaps we might see some support for these initiatives from government, organizations, or businesses with similar interests.

  1. We’re delighted to say that TechInAsia is a media partner for this very admirable event.  ↩

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