How a Weekend Blog Post Gave One Startup a Decent Lift



I published a post about Piktochart, an online infographic design tool, last Saturday morning. It is a review post that shares my thoughts on what I like and don’t like about the service. That post was pretty popular with more than 200 retweets and 10,000 views up until now. Out of curiosity, I emailed the co-founder, Goh Ai Ching, for some key metrics to measure the after-effect of the blog post.

The result looks pretty awesome. Based on last weekend’s post aftermath, racked up 2265 visits. That is four times more than on an average weekend where they’ve generally been seeing around 561 visits. Most importantly, based on Piktochart’s findings, 13 percent of the web visitors were converted to testing out the service for free over the weekend. Unfortunately, there weren’t any paid users. But I suspect that users were also feeling lost about its pro version as there was nowhere to view the pricing when I reviewed the site – but now that has been added.

But the measurement also confirms that our blog is providing some value to startups in Asia. I remember hearing other startups such as Twitvoice and Nightspade thanking us for the reviews as downloads rocketed up immediately afterwards. While I can’t promise the same results for every startups, we’re happy to blog about awesome startups across Asia that may be of interest to our readers. Check out the detailed data released by Piktochart below. Ai Ching has cheekily inserted an ad within the infographic, but I’m willing to let that pass just this once.


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