Oi Zoi Oi: Vietnam’s New E-Commerce Aggregator

Anh-Minh Do
10:57 pm on Feb 26, 2013

With the over 30 e-commerce competitors in Vietnam that I wrote about last month, from daily deals to vertical lingerie sites, it’s hard to get a hold on where the best prices are. That’s where Oi Zoi Oi (meaning “Oh My God! Oh My!” in Vietnamese) comes in. The site aggregates products and prices from across a handful of Vietnam’s leading e-commerce sites and puts them all in one place. It’s going to be the Pricegrabber of Vietnam.

The product search site, which launched last month, already gets 2,000 weekly visits and has over 5,000 products listed, mainly electronics. It hosts seven online retailers including Nguyen Kim, Lazada, and The Gioi Gi Dong. So far, most of the traffic on Oi Zoi Oi is going to Lazada.

But in the future, Oi Zoi Oi is also looking to expand across Southeast Asia once it has grown substantially in Vietnam.

The team, which consists of two co-founders and two students, plans to expand this year by two to three sites per week with a streamlined software framework.

The team is trying to fill a gap they perceive in the Vietnamese e-commerce space, that most sites are not data-driven. With everybody hungry to get as many products out as they can and big data being a relatively new concept, this makes sense. Most of the e-commerce sites in Vietnam are focused heavily on logistics and building trust with customers, so data is an afterthought.

I think Oi Zoi Oi makes a lot of sense in Vietnam, where there are just way too many e-commerce sites. It’s a big waste of time to jump from one to the next just to check prices. It makes way more sense for me to go to one place to compare prices and then pay at the best one.

Problem is, it adds another step for the consumer to click through, so I’m not sure how much traction it will gain. But as my friends would say, don’t underestimate the magnetic quality of a good deal.

  • Toàn

    Vietnam’s E-Commerce Aggregator includes: VatGia.com, GiaNhanh.com, DenThan.com, ChoDienTu.vn

    there are also pages?, Anh-Minh Do

  • James

    “The team is trying to fill a gap they perceive in the Vietnamese e-commerce space”

    “I think Oi Zoi Oi makes a lot of sense in Vietnam”

    I am not sure which world you live in, but any one with experience in Vietnamese market will know this product neither fills a gap nor makes any sense in the market. There are so many more interesting products and companies in Vietnam to write on, I have no idea why you spent time reporting on this.

    TechInAsia is not a blog where you reports on your buddies. Please hold higher standards. Neither the founders nor the product is news-worthy.

    P.S.: Alexa ranking of oizoioi in Vietnam: 17,630

  • http://www.techinasia.com Anh-Minh Do

    Hi James, thanks for the reply. Please give us some examples of companies you think are worth looking at. Of course oizoioi’s Alexa rankings are low, they’re a startup, no surprise there.

  • http://www.techinasia.com Anh-Minh Do

    Thanks Toan for the suggestions, I will research them.

  • http://aaronmai.com Aaron Mai

    James is too tough on this :).

    Anyway… a new start-up would need supports from bloggers, especially when oizoioi.vn is step-by-step developing its business model.

    As long as it provides values to internet users, It’s good and worth featuring. I reckon

  • http://www.oizoioi.ph Henry


    good old times, well written article :)

    Oizoioi is actually still fighting and expanded successfully to Malaysia and Philippines.

    Thanks and please keep up the good work

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