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Growing Faster than Facebook and Twitter: Key Highlights for Japan’s Line App [Infographic]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
12:00 pm on Jan 25, 2013

Now boasting more than 100 million users on its Line mobile chat app, NHN Japan has released an infographic to commemorate the occasion. Included in the graphic are a few select figures which provide a little more insight into the scope of its accomplishment.

  • Line has 41.5 million registered users in Japan – This is the one which stands out the most to me, because given that recent estimates put Japanese entire population of smartphone users at around 40 million as well 1, it means that Line is pretty close to being a ubiquitous mobile application in the country.
  • 12.3 million users in Thailand, and 11.8 million users in Taiwan — both surprisingly high numbers!
  • Reached 100 million users in just 19 months – This is faster than Twitter (49 months) and Facebook (54 months).

And while those numbers are impressive enough on their own, the application’s potential as a gaming platform is equally stunning. Yesterday we pointed out that its recent games Line Pop and Line Bubble have reached 20 million and 10 million users respectively, thanks to NHN Japan being able to distribute them so easily via its chat app platform.


  1. This figure is attributed to MM Research, recently cited by Serkan Toto.

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