New Japanese VC Femto invests $1.5M in real-time web analytics firm



Femto Global Ventures was founded in 2013 with a fund of approximately US$16 million. Today, it announced an investment of nearly ten percent of its cash into Plaid, a real-time web analytics firm still in closed beta testing. Plaid claims it will enable online merchants to approach potential customers in much the same way as how a real store manager can observe customers before making contact to entice a sale.

Plaid’s crown jewel is the Karte application. Ostensibly, an ecommerce seller would download a program which automatically observes the actions of potential online shoppers in real time and responds in a way that makes the shoppers more likely to buy. The promise is impressive but that lack of real technical details is underwhelming.

Considering Plaid’s initial capital was $850,000 and Femto’s general manager, Tetsuya Isozaki, will become an outside director of Plaid, it seems distinctly possible that Femto could significantly influence the future direction of the company. Femto’s cash infusion is intended to beef up the company’s technical capacity as it nears the fall release of Karte.

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