Indonesia’s ICT Minister: BlackBerry Sales Drop 70% in Indonesia

Enricko Lukman
11:30 am on May 14, 2013
blackberry messenger problem


BlackBerry users around the world might be questioning their loyalty after another outage of the popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service happened a couple of days ago. It was widely reported that the service was down for users living in the Asia Pacific region between Sunday night to Monday morning, and today BlackBerry Indonesia finally acknowledged 1 the downtime and offered an apology.

The most interesting part of the story, in my mind, is the statement given by the Indonesian ICT minister Tifatul Sembiring on this latest incident (as reported by another Detik article). Mr. Sembiring said he is disappointed that the company did not notify its users sooner about the setback, and he added that BlackBerry sales have decreased by 70 percent in Indonesia. There’s no source to back up the minister’s claim, however.

According to various users on the Crackberry forums, the BBM outage happened across Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Customers’ trust in BlackBerry in that region must have been shaken up again. The same BBM service suffered an even longer downtime last October.

BlackBerry is up against Android, iOS, and Windows Phone as more Indonesians switch to smartphones.

  1. The explanation given by a BlackBerry Indonesia representative to Detik was that there was an internet connectivity disturbance in the Asia Pacific region on Sunday which also affected a lot of telecommunication and internet services. That incident also hit BlackBerry service in Southeast Asia. The same report pointed out that the representative did not specify what this disturbance really was.

(Sources: Detik #1, #2, and Kompas)

  • Ayo

    Lol it was down for like an hour or two. Big whoop. BlackBerry just released a completely new OS. I’m frankly impressed there have barely been any service outages. Apple has been running the same old OS for years and yet imessage goes down way more than BBM.

    I would like to see some numbers to the minister’s claim. From what I’ve read BBRY is still a market leader in Indonesia.

  • Keiko

    This is just more smear tactics from the desperate shorts.

    Nice try. You fail.

    BB10 is here to stay. And BES will dominate M2M. Try to keep up.

  • Rick


    Without proper sources a kind of article such as this is reprehensible. I’ve reported you to the Securities & Exchange Comission for attempted security manipulation. You could be arrested. I urge you to heed this warning.

  • Peter

    Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.

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