Google to Launch Indonesia Office Next Week



Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), which promised to open an Indonesia office last year, is finally taking some action on it. It’s late to fulfill its promise, but never too late I guess. Tech in Asia has been invited to attend the opening of the Google Indonesia office on March 30th, next Friday.

Indonesia has shown much potential over the years, having the third-largest group of Facebook users – and the fifth-greatest number of Twitter users – in the world, and Google certainly doesn’t want to miss out on all that. The number of internet users is rising and most importantly, ad spending is rapidly moving to online.

But I know, some of us think that potential is still potential, when will it ever be realized? With Google coming in big, hopefully, that would help foster the ecosystem here a little.

At the launch event, Google will introduce its country head for Google Indonesia and will likely explain how it will play in the country. Personally, I’m quite curious whether the office will be as fun as the other Google offices across the world – we will be sure to update you guys as we know more next week.

On a somewhat related note, Google will not be the only internet giant making its way into Indonesia. Chinese company Tencent has just recently opened an office there as well.

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