Feecha 2 is Out, Now is That Determination or Just Stubbornness?



After more than a year of growing, falling, and fixing, the Chingchong Group has launched the second version of Feecha. For folks who don’t know what Feecha is, it’s an app that provides you with local news powered by users.

In Feecha 2, the app now pulls content from Instagram, Foursquare, and Meetup and has a bunch of features that, in my opinion, make the app feels way too cluttered. In the original app, Feecha provided a map for you to explore and read other feechas. That was quite okay for a start. But now, Feecha 2 wants you to explore the map and look for treasures too. Also, it wants you to level up your character and if you have time, grow your feecha by feeding it items. On top of all that, remember that you have to write posts so your neighbors can read them. All in all, the app is just too much for me to handle. I’m not sure what problem Feecha is trying to solve. But, as I said in November 2011, maybe I’m not using the app right.

Okay okay, I know some of my points kinda contradict my complaints about Whatsapp’s over-simplicity. But I would argue that these are two different situations. Whatsapp, in my opinion, did gain good traction but for some reason didn’t innovate as time passed like its other counterparts did. Feecha, on the other hand, didn’t gain traction from the start and its newest version is even more cluttered than the original.

Prior to its launch, I actually did meet up with Feecha’s co-founder Jeffrey Yuwono to chat about things. The founders are great people and open to ideas. And truth be told, I was excited about the app’s launch when Jeff demoed it to me. The design is gorgeous but as we plowed through the features, I wasn’t feeling that excited anymore. I was confused and told him exactly how I felt. We ended up spending some time chatting about the difficulties Feecha faced. According to Jeff, it did actually have some traction but user numbers dropped dramatically after a period of push notification glitches annoyed many users so much that they just ditched the app altogether.

That didn’t cause Jeff and team give up, but it led Jeff and I into a conversation about the thin line between being determined vs. being stubborn. A successful entrepreneur will be hailed as determined because he never gave up. But a failed entrepreneur is often seen as a stupid fool who didn’t listen to advice.

Personally, I see the Feecha crews as the determined lot, so long they remain open to feedback. And obviously my opinion is just one data piece that doesn’t represent the market’s view. So I urge you to give Feecha 2 a shot despite what I think, and leave your truthful comments about the app below.

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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