Chinese language options coming to the Xbox One


The Xbox One is coming officially to mainland China this September, but that isn’t much help to the Chinese-speaking population throughout the rest of the world, as the device that’s available right now doesn’t have Chinese options for the system language. But that’s all set to change, as Xbox One beta testers have revealed their test update for August includes simplified and traditional Chinese options.

Choosing one of these options changes your system’s default language, so the new Chinese options will make it way easier for Chinese-speaking gamers abroad to navigate the Xbox One’s menus and apps. But switching the language also automatically changes the language in games that support the system language, so the gaming experience itself can also be in Chinese for those games that support it. Current games with Chinese include Titanfall, Forza 5, and Dead Rising 3.

It’s not immediately clear whether the Chinese language support will include voice recognition support for the Kinect, but my guess is it won’t, so if you’re a fan of shouting at your Xbox, you’ll probably still have to do that in English.

(via Sina Games)

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