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China Unicom Picks Up Another 3.2 Million 3G Users in November

C. Custer
C. Custer
4:52 am on Dec 20, 2012

In news that should surprise precisely no one, China’s 3G market continues to grow like hotcakes. Or, rather, grow like a weed. The market is growing like a weed and 3G plans are selling like hotcakes. Whatever, people, you get the point: 3G in China is growing fast.

For the lastest in the mountain of evidence supporting that assertion, here are some numbers from China Unicom’s November: 3.25 million new 3G subscribers, bringing the company’s total 3G subscriber number up to more than 73 million. The company also picked up 78,000 new 2G clients, bringing that total up to 162 million. The company also picked up 44,000 new broadband accounts and, unsurprisingly, lost more than 170,000 wired phone accounts over the course of the month.

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