Kudos For Moving Full Steam Ahead into China


China is one of the mobile markets that looks set for huge growth. And time to time, we hear startups in Southeast Asia wanting to do things in/for the Chinese market. But few really did it. I heard the Burpple team was wanting to localize its social food journal app for the Chinese market. And then bam — a month later — the startup came out with a sweet-looking Chinese iOS app.

I was pleasantly surprised when I first learned about it. Few startups have the balls to move full steam ahead, especially when it comes to China. So that piece of news came to me as a signal on how decisive and fast-moving the team is and I thought it deserves kudos for that.

When I dig deeper on why China is part of Burpple’s radar, co-founder Elisha Ong explained to me:

Chinese food culture is deep and its history is long. With China being one of the most popular countries on Burpple, it was natural for us to move to localize the app to make it more effortless for users to use – coupled with one of their favorite social networks, Sina Weibo. We want to create a platform where people in China can use to remember, organize and explore curated food moments effortlessly.

The team also tried several popular Chinese apps, such as Weibo, WeChat, and QQ, to understand how apps in China work. They also explored deeper on how Facebook and Instagram translate their features into Chinese in a way that makes sense while maintaining the fun and spirit it has in English. Elisha shares more:

We creatively came up with our own terms and descriptions right from the welcome screen to a user “burppling” (打嗝) their favorite “food moment” (食刻) into their “boxes” (箱簿). Other terms include “reburp” (转嗝), and of course the app name Burpple (饱贝食记) which means a precious and sumptuous food journal.

Burpple is only available in iOS for now but I was told to “stay tuned” for the Android version, which seems to suggest that it is already in the pipeline. Most smartphone users in China are Android users anyway, so it is necessary for any mobile-first startup to have that in place.

To team Burrple: I think it has been good execution thus far and kudos for moving full steam ahead!

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