Baidu on Mobile: Investing 25% of Research Fund, Expecting 3x More Revenue This Year

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Robin Li at Stanford, photo:

Baidu’s (NASDAQ:BIDU) CEO and founder, Robin Li was at Stanford University last week for the China 2.0 conference. In his speech, he shared a little about Baidu’s take on mobile. Li said that Baidu will invest 25 percent of its research fund in mobile, and will be expecting three times more revenue this year compared to 2011.

Li admits that he doesn’t exactly know how mobile will bring in revenue but he did remark that Baidu isn’t expecting to see immediate returns.

Baidu has had several mobile products ranging from its mobile browser, to its photo app, to map apps. It has also recently pushed out a major update on its browser to include what it calls “T5 technology.” It also made an effort to capitalize on Apple’s recent iOS 6 map woes bringing features like discount vouchers, indoor guides for malls, and real time traffic.

Baidu was recently included on Forbes’ 100 Most In Innovative Companies’s list.

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