Apple Hong Kong Stymies Scalpers, Scalpers Respond in Stupidest Imaginable Way


Official notice saying there will be no lining up for the new iPad this time. (via Engadget)

With the launch of a “the new iPad” (I’m putting that in scare quotes because I think it’s a stupid name) in Hong Kong comes the temptation for people to form long lines outside the Apple Store overnight so that they can buy iPads and resell them at a premium in mainland China use them for personal enjoyment. But alas, there will be no more lines! Apple Hong Kong has already posted signs that iPad sales will not be first-come, first-serve. Instead, prospective buyers enter a sort of lottery via Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Hong Kong website the day before the sale, and then if selected they can pick up their hardware from the store in person on launch day. Didn’t enter the online system beforehand? You’re not getting an iPad.

Interestingly, this announcement doesn’t seem to have fazed the scalpers, who are still lined up outside Hong Kong Apple retailers. Apple has explained to them this won’t help them get an iPad, and apparently the Hong Kong police have also asked them to leave, but they stand firm. It’s sort of inspiring, in a very stupid way.

Anyway, if you’re interested in buying a new iPad on day one and you’re not resolved to stand in a pointless line that won’t give you access to the product, you need to visit Apple Hong Kong’s official site tomorrow to enter the lottery. And hey, with all those scalpers apparently standing in line like a bunch of idiots, you might even have a chance of actually getting one. Be sure to thumb your nose at them when you’re walking into the store on Friday!

[Engadget China via Sina Tech]

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