240 million people now use Baidu’s Android apps *UPDATED*

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Figures are in 100 millions of users.

UPDATE: August 27, 2013 – Baidu’s second quarter report doesn’t actually disclose its own mobile app user numbers. Instead, their report gives the number and growth rate for total Android users in China. Secondly, the figure for Baidu Maps users is the accumulated number, not the daily active number. The article has been amended accordingly.

In its second quarter report highlighted at today’s Baidu World conference, Baidu states its online maps service is expected to reach 200 million accumulated users this month, making up a large portion of China’s 240 million daily Android app users. To put that into context, here’s a breakdown of the numbers.

  • Baidu maps receives 3.5 billion “position requests” every day
  • Baidu’s mobile browser hit the 100 million mark this quarter.
  • Baidu expects China to hit 300 million daily Android users by the end of the year.
  • Although the numbers are still rising, the growth rate for Android users in China has slowed from 56 percent in the third quarter of last year to 10 percent in the most recent quarter.

In mobile search, Baidu added another 30 million daily users since its first quarter report from 100 million to 130 million. Baidu hopes to capitalize on its mobile search market to push more of its apps to users, including the just-announced Light App, a mobile app that allows other apps to run without actually downloading or installing them.

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