You won’t be able to buy EA PC games on disc in India anymore


It appears as if EA will not be selling physical copies of its PC games in India anymore. According to local site, Indianvideogamer, the publisher will be making its 2014 releases such as The Sims 4, and FIFA 15 available via Origin and other digital storefronts only. This was verified by retailers, who were told to delist their pre-orders for the disc versions of EA’s upcoming PC releases.

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While sales of physical PC games in Western markets have declined over the years, India is still a country where the DVD is all-important. This is simply because the country lacks the infrastructure necessary to make the download of gigabytes of data a possibility for the vast, PC-playing majority.

This development marks one of the many odd moves from EA in the region in recent memory. Just over a year ago, EA hiked up the price of PC games in India to match up to the global price point of $60. In a country where most games retail for around $16, it was met with severe backlash. Indian gamers took to Twitter to protest the price hike. It didn’t do EA’s sales any favors either, what with retailers stating that usual steady sellers such as Need For Speed: Rivals did not sell past the first shipment in the country.

However, if you’re unperturbed by the lack of a disc to accompany your demon-slaying romp in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can find what you need on Origin, or Downloads4u which is incidentally run by EA’s India distributor, Milestone Interactive.

So will you be downloading EA’s latest games on PC? Or will you be getting your fix on console? Let us know in the comments.

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