Startup Arena (Singapore): All 19 Startup Pitches


startup-arenaI know, I know. We’re late in producing our video recordings for our Startups in Asia 2012 (Singapore) conference. I personally received more than 10+ emails asking for the videos.

It took us more time than expected but it’s finally here. I have slotted them in using Storify, coupled with several tweets and Flickr pictures which we have collected along the way as commentaries and memories. Special thanks to Masaru Ikeda for helping out with the recordings and uploading. The videos aren’t professionally recorded but decent enough to understand what was going on at Startups in Asia 2012 (Singapore). If somehow you prefer to have the videos downloaded to your computer (m4v iPod/iPhone friendly format), grab our (somewhat experimental) torrent file here.

Personally, I thought the Startup Arena pitches were pretty solid, especially when you see them live on stage. Seeing how all 19 pitches improved their pitches day by day from when they first got accepted into Arena has been a thrilling and enlightening experience. So kudos to all 19 startups which have put in so much effort for the pitch! And with further ado… the videos:

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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