Sony PS4 gets an official release date and price for Hong Kong

C. Custer
C. Custer
2:20 am on Nov 8, 2013

If you’re a Hong Kong-based gamer who is excited about the PS4, I’ve got some good news for you. At a press conference yesterday, Sony announced the details of its launch plan for the city. The Playstation 4 will go on sale in Hong Kong starting on December 17, for the price of HK$3380 ($436).

At that price, it’ll cost Hong Kongers slightly more to pick up the next-gen system than they might like, as the PS4 is being sold for $399 in the US. But it’ll still be far cheaper to buy the official version in Hong Kong than to buy gray market imports on the Chinese mainland, where importers are already posting prices as high as $650 for the system.

Of course, the HK$3380 is just for the system itself, but Hong Kong will also be getting a few bundles, including a PS4 and Killzone: Shadowfall bundle that’ll cost HK$3780 ($487).

(via Tencent Games)

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