Singapore-made 3D Printer Sees Over $300,000 Pledged on Kickstarter After Day One


On just day one of the Kickstarter project, Singaporean 3D printer startup Pirate3D saw overwhelming support with backers flocking to pledge crowdfunded cash for the ‘Buccaneer’ 3D printer.

Right now on Saturday morning, a full 24 hours after hitting Kickstarter, Pirate3D has seen $366,763 pledged for it Buccaneer 3D printer. The warm response from the Kickstarter community must have surely surprised the folks at Pirate3D who set a $100,000 target. There are 28 more days to go so we can expect more money to be pledged.

As we explained earlier this week, Pirate3D had vowed not only a discount but also to ship its printer in December this year to a limited number of early crowdfund pledgers – which likely caused the huge rush on Friday to support the project.

Pirate3D’s Kickstarter page explains how the Buccaneer works at home. It looks really simple. Users can log on to the Buccaneer printer over wi-fi and start customizing and printing from a laptop or smartphone. The startup will also have an online store with 3D designs to print out. If you are interested to find out more, click here to go to Pirate3D’s Kickstarter page. If you have some spare cash, do consider pledging some bucks. There are still some slots left to get the 3D printer for the regular price of $397 along with the assurance that it’ll ship to you in February 2014.


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