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Singapore Still the Best Place for Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
9:00 pm on Feb 16, 2012

Merlion Singapore

The Infographic of the Day series visually expresses important stories from Asia and the world of technology.

New information from the International Finance Corporation and the World Bank confirms what we’ve been talking about on this blog for some time now. Singapore is one of the friendliest environments on the planet for entrepreneurs.

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The latest Doing Business report ranks Singapore at the top of its ‘ease of doing business’ rankings for the sixth straight year. The nation is also rated high in trading across borders, protecting investors, and resolving insolvency. You can see more details in our infographic [1] below and in our interactive map.

As for other Asian regions, Hong Kong was ranked second just behind Singapore, the report citing its new online system for company registration. Malaysia rose five spots to number 18 on the list thanks to numerous reforms “including a new one-stop shop for start-ups, computerization of commercial courts, and improved insolvency proceedings.”

As for China, it still sits in the middle of the global rankings, but the report says among East Asia and Pacific economies that it has advanced the most over the past six years. South Korea was ranked eighth, and Japan was ranked 20th.

  1. This awesome graphic was produced by infographic.jp. We hope to feature more content like this in the future in cooperation with them.  ↩

Doing_Business_2012 Infographic

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  • Anonymous

    Your Georgia flag in one of the info-graphics is the US state of Georgia not the country of Georgia.

  • eMBee

    i am missing a ranking for the pool of available workers, especially high-skilled workers. for example new zealand has a very small job market, so many high skilled workers are leaving the country to find a job. so that means when i want to start a company there i will struggle to find people to work for me. also life in new zealand is expensive, so someone moving there is taking a high risk when accepting a job for a startup. not advisable unless you are young and don’t care if you have to leave again if the job doesn’t hold.

    singapore has the same problem in terms of a high-skilled worker pool. but life is cheaper there so the risk for someone to make a move is less. 

    having lived in both countries i would not want to start a company in either.

    greetings, eMBee.

  • http://www.moveoverseas.co.uk Jane

    eMBee, there is an infographic which shows the job markets available in each country (http://www.moveoverseas.co.uk/about/blog/Where-Brits-Are-Going-to-And-Why) and you can see that UK workers are moving abroad for better jobs and a better quality of life – but to apply for a VISA to New Zealand, Australia and most other countries you need to be a skilled worker. In fact New Zealand are currently recruiting for skilled workers – there must be an imbalance somewhere along the line…