Sina Weibo Breaks 300 Million Registered Users, Mobile Users Growing


Today, Sina published some new statistics about its microblogging service, Sina Weibo. Turns out, the inevitable has happened: the service has broken 300 million users. Yes, we all knew that announcement was coming, and here’s something else you knew was coming: most of weibo’s active users are now also mobile users.

Of course, what Sina’s release cleverly doesn’t say is how many of those 300 million users are “active users.” Nor does it define what it means by “active” — users who go on weibo once a day? week? month? — which is a bit shady. I have to assume that if Sina’s active user numbers were good enough it would be sharing them, so probably the fact that those numbers are conspicuously absent is an indication that active users are a pretty low percentage of that 300 million (or that Sina is counting its “active” users too generously to share the details for fear of criticism).

It’s also worth noting that Sina’s graph shows it breaking the 300 million user mark in February, before all this real-name stuff really went into effect. So far, Sina hasn’t shared any data on how that has affected user numbers, if at all. Anyway, here are some charts (English by me, charts by Sina):

There, wasn’t that fun?

[via Sina Tech]

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