In Chinese Online Gaming, 8.7 Billion RMB in Revenue, Tencent Still King


A scene from Tencent's 'Crossfire' first-person shooter game. (Image credit:

New figures for Q2 2011 show which Chinese tech companies get the biggest slice of the online gaming market in China, in terms of revenue. Total revenue in the industry is 8.7 billion RMB (US$1.36 bil), which is up 3.1 percent on the previous quarter.

Tencent is still the online and social gaming king in China, with its broad spread of titles – from numerous QQ games, to its Zynga CityVille tie-up, to the 3D first-person shooter Crossfire (pictured above). It took 29.5 percent of all online gaming revenue in the country in the most recent quarter.

Shanda and Netease are joined for second place with a matching 17.1 percent of revenues in the market. Shanda has titles such as the newly-released World Zero, while Netease is known for MMORPGs like Westward Journey.

Beijing’s Perfect World (NASDAQ: PWRD) is in fourth place in Q2 2011; and slightly trailing them is ChangYou, which is a subsidiary of Sohu. We recently looked at how ChangYou had spent $80 million in developing its newest game The Deer and the Cauldron.

Here’s our interactive graph of all the online gaming market shares; data comes from Analysis International and was then compiled by Digitimes:

[Source: Analysis International, via Digitimes]

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