Nir Eyal and Sangeet Paul Choudary to Hold Workshop in Indonesia Next Week


nir eyal

sangeet paul choudary

A couple of months ago we announced that Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and mentor Nir Eyal (pictured above, left) is going to hold a free workshop in Indonesia to talk about how to design habit-forming products. While you can already sign up for the two-day workshop on February 23rd and 24th, we received word that Sangeet Paul Choudary (pictured above, right), a Singapore based venture advisor as well as a technology analyst, will be the main speaker on the workshop’s second day, backed by Nir.

So Nir will hold his “Hooked Workshop” on the first day, and will be reinforcing his key elements the following day, during Sangeet’s “Hockey Stick Workshop.” Particularly for the Hooked Workshop, Nir Eyal told us that participants there will be able to dive deeper into the content which they may have read previously from his blog. He explained further:

It the workshop will also be an opportunity to work though critical questions associated with creating a habit-forming product. The people who will get the most from this workshop are those who come with a product idea that they believe relies on changing user behavior.

One more thing: Nir thinks that his workshop will be much more suitable for online businesses. The workshops will be held at @America, Pacific Place Mall in Jakarta. Both of them start at 2pm and end at 6pm. For more information and registration, you can check here and here.

We’ve mentioned a few accomplishments from Nir Eyal in the last post, which include co-founding two startups and had them both acquired in 2007 and 2011. He has also written articles combining his prowess of psychology, technology, and business over on Forbes, TechCrunch, and Psychology Today.

Sangeet himself has led early stage venture incubation at both Intuit Asia and Yahoo India. He is a recognized technology analyst whose articles have been featured on TechCrunch, The Harvard Business Review, TheNextWeb, and including TechinAsia. He is one of the contributing authors to the book “Managing Startups” which is going to be published by O’Reilly Media in partnership with the Harvard Entrepreneurship Centre.

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