Nintendo Holds Funeral, I Mean, Unboxing for New Wii U Console

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Leading up to the launch of its new Wii U game console later this month, Nintendo (TYO:7974) has just released a very unusual unboxing video, starring none other than its president, Satoru Iwata.

I like the spirit of honesty in the clip, he fumbles with opening it a few times confessing that it’s his first time doing so. But I really wish he wasn’t so ceremonial and formal here. Check out the video for yourself:

Boy, that was fun…

I don’t know. Maybe the Wii U is good enough to market itself, perhaps. Maybe smartphone gaming is just a fad, and everyone will go back to fiddling with wires behind their living room TV where they belong as soon as the Wii U drops.

This looks more like an Okuribito sequel than an unboxing. The suit and white gloves would be far more fitting for a funeral director than what should be a fun unboxing.

A vision of the Wii U’s future? What do you think?

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