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New mobile marketplace app Duriana raises $800,000 from Dealguru Holdings

Vanessa Tan
Vanessa Tan
12:00 pm on Dec 11, 2013

Duriana 2

Mobile marketplace app Duriana today announced that it has raised S$1 million ($800,000) from e-commerce group Dealguru (who is also the company behind Deal.com.sg) as well as a group of international business angels. The Singapore-based startup, which bears a striking resemblance to popular marketplace app Carousell, first launched six weeks back.

At present, Duriana boasts several thousand listings across categories such as beauty, fashion, sports, arts and crafts, technology, and gadgets. Similar to Carousell’s concept, it provides users a platform to buy and sell new and pre-loved items. The location-based element allows users to view active listings close to them, and enables buyers and sellers to have real-life transactions and real-time communication. Some early adopters of the app include blog shops, online boutiques, instashops (users who sell items on Instagram), and are mostly females.

With the new funds, Duriana co-founder Camilo Paredes says the team will be investing in new IT talent, expanding its product offerings, and focusing on its marketing efforts in Malaysia and Indonesia. It will also be more involved in the buyer and seller communities within Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Rival Carousell is also focused on those two nations, and raised $800,000 in funding last month.

Click to enlarge screenshot

Click to enlarge screenshot

It seems that the partnership has already taken place, as we can see from Deal.com.sg having a Duriana tab on the right-hand side (pictured right) and in their email collaterals to encourage downloads. It sure looks like a good synergy between both companies since both are addressing the same audience.

And with iBuy intending to purchase Dealguru, the investment could fuel Duriana’s expansion efforts within Asia Pacific since iBuy would have access to Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong through its other daily deals sites.

[Update: We also received news that Alps Ventures has also participated in this round of funding.

(Editing by Steven Millward and Terence Lee)

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