Marvel’s War of Heroes Coming Soon, Exclusively on DeNA’s Mobage

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
12:31 am on Aug 7, 2012


Cool wallpaper and rare cards... Boys' soft spot.

The digital card game Rage of Bahamut was obviously a success. So more digital card games will arrive on Mobage. The next big title to launch will be Marvel’s War of Heroes, which should be coming soon. We are not sure how soon is soon. But pre-registration is now up, starting today. Rob Steffens, EVP Operations & Planning of Marvel Entertainment said in the statement:

Marvel is always looking for new and innovative ways for our fans and gamers to enjoy our characters and stories. By teaming up with DeNA, a proven leader in the mobile game space, we’re able to deliver a premium and action-packed mobile gaming experience.

The War of Heroes game’s storyline promises to be original so that makes it even more worthwhile to pre-register. You can do so here. Fans who preregister will receive an exclusive rare card and wallpaper. I know this because I’ve already preregistered; I love Marvel.

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  • Rui

    If you are playing this game and want nice rewads like a black widow try this code as referal rea474507