LinkedIn Enables Users to ‘Follow’ Kaifu Lee and Other Business Leaders



Barack Obama & Mitt Romney are among suggested people to follow

Recently LinkedIn (NYSE:LNKD) announced a new feature that allows people to follow influential business and thought leaders of their choosing. These leaders will post articles from time to time, sharing their knowledge and professional insights. You can also comment on the articles, and if you’re lucky, the leaders might even reply back (though we think that is quite unlikely as these people are highly busy with their own daily businesses already).

There are articles on various topics already from the current 150 thought leaders. Among them, Kaifu Lee’s post about the reason American companies fail time and time again when expanding business to China is quite interesting. Startups might also be interested to hear about US-based entrepreneur Andrew Chen’s thoughts on the startup industry. Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani and Freelancer’s CEO Matt Brie are there too [1].

One crazy thought of mine though – will people spam the articles just to have the chance to send a message? For example, maybe Indonesians would send a lot of comments over LinkedIn if US President Barack Obama wrote articles regarding a controversial anti-muslim film. Would they do really do that? I certainly hope not.

LinkedIn is also open to people interested in becoming one of its thought leaders. You can check more information about it here. But who else would you like to see added? We’d love to hear from you about this.

[Source: LinkedIn]

  1. FYI, Freelancer just released a local version for Indonesia recently.  ↩

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