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Apple Fans Queue For iPhone 4S in Japan [Video]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
10:19 am on Oct 14, 2011


Photo: Macotakara.jp

Apple Stores opened their doors to hundreds of eager customers this morning, as the much anticipated iPhone 4S goes on sale today.

There were reportedly hundreds of fans lined up outside stores hoping to be among the first to get their hands on Apple’s new handset.

We counted 360+ people in front of the Apple store in Shibuya, Tokyo. Live iPhone 4S report in an hour! See you soon!! http://t.co/DXsdxGrxThu Oct 13 21:55:54 via Twitter for iPhone

The iPhone 4S will be the first iPhone that will not be exclusive to Softbank, as KDDI has become the second carrier to sell Apple’s coveted phone in Japan. It will be interesting to see whether or not Softbank loses many of its customers to the competing carrier.

Docomo, the country’s largest carrier, remains iPhone-less. According to one report, a company spokesperson recently explained:

Given expected requirements for carrying the iPhone, such as sales volume targets and pricing system specifically designed for the iPhone, it’s difficult for DoCoMo to introduce the iPhone for the time being.

To get an idea of the lines outside Apple Stores this morning, check out the video clip below (ht Nobi) for a look at the hundreds that queued in front of the Ginza location in Tokyo.

[Market data via Mainichi, Photo via Macotakara]

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