Survey Suggests Taiwan Prefers Mobile Media Over TV

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The folks over at mobile advertising network InMobi have conducted a survey [1] into how people in Taiwan are using mobile devices, and how their habits are changing. Much like we saw with the company’s research into the mobile market in Vietnam, mobile phones are gradually supplanting other forms of media to become one of the most promising advertising platforms.

According to InMobi, the average mobile web user in Taiwan consumes six hours of media per day, and mobile accounts for 98 minutes (27 percent) of that total. This is just behind PCs (122 minutes), but ahead of television (88 minutes). Most of this media consumption comes during times when they are commuting or while lying in bed.

InMobi’s regional director and general manager for southeast Asia explained:

We see continued growth in mobile usage in Taiwan in the coming year, largely driven by social media and entertainment. Our research also shows that 79 percent of mobile web users plan to conduct mobile commerce over the next 12 months, a 31 percent increase from where we are today. With its proven influence on the consumer purchase cycle, mobile is now a vital part of marketing strategies for leading brands in the country.

You can check out InMobi’s informative graphic below, which illustrates most of their key findings for the mobile market in Taiwan.

Taiwan Media Consumption

  1. The sample size for their survey was 942 mobile users.  ↩

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