Huawei: We’re Not Giving Up US Market

Image via Reuters

Image via Reuters

So it turns out Huawei may not be as Cartman-esque as we originally suggested. After the Financial Times reported earlier in the week that Huawei’s executive VP stated the company is no longer interested in the US, a Huawei spokesman told the Beijing News that actually, the FT report is based on a mistranslation and Huawei does not intend to abandon the US market.

According to the Huawei spokesperson, VP Eric Xu was asked by a reporter about where the company’s new growth markets would be in the future, and he responded that they would be in developed countries, not including the United States. “This does not mean that Huawei is giving up on the US market,” said the Huawei spokesman.

But it does seem the company is placing less importance on the US. The company’s CTO Liu Sanqi said Tuesday that Huawei was “not focusing on the US market,” a quote that the company does not seem to be disputing. So, while Huawei hasn’t totally given up on the US, it certainly has turned its focus elsewhere, specifically towards Europe and Asia.

(Beijing News via Sina Tech)

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