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DocDoc Lets you Find and Book Doctors Appointments with Ease

Willis Wee
Willis Wee
10:17 pm on Aug 1, 2012


Update: There was an editing error in the post. DocDoc is obviously not just for plastic surgery doctors but also for dentists, dermatologists, gynecologists, cardiologists, urologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians and many more!

Finding a doctor is a pain, and booking an appointment is another pain still. DocDoc aims to solve both problems, making finding and booking an appointment with a doctor more convenient. It also provides patient-submitted reviews and ratings so future users can benefit from these opinions about those doctors.

The service is pretty straightforward. For example, if I want a tight and perky ass, simply pick the right medical options with the preferred location. So as seen above, there are four doctors who I can visit. All I have to do is to click on a doctor, check for dates of availability, and book an appointment. An email and SMS will be sent as confirmation and also as a reminder as the appointment date draws closer.

The startup has received funding from Dave McClure, DBS Chairman Koh Boon Hwee, and Jungle Ventures — we don’t know how much, but its somewhere in the millions of dollars. I also urge you to give SGE’s report a read for more details about the founders — Grace Park and Hadi El Solh.

DocDoc now has 11,000 doctors in its database and is looking to expand to South Korea next. Cosmetic surgery should sell well there. DocDoc is free to use for users but charges a monthly fee for doctors who are listed, according to a representative. Although we don’t know yet what that monthly fee is, the business does look potentially lucrative.

That said, there’s also DocDoc Cares, a fund in which the founder dedicates some of the company’s profit to help aspiring young folks get into the healthcare industry. Kudos for that.

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  • test

    seems pretty similar to zocdoc

  • kevin

    what a new great idea!!!!
    it is so fun.

  • Justin Tannersby

    I’ve used ZocDoc when I lived in the states and I loved it. I tried DocDoc today in Singapore and I have to say it was a simple, easy way for me to find a dentist. I was able to snag an appointment late the same day and everything went fine. Two thumbs up!