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WeChat vs Sina Weibo for Business in China [Infographic]

Rick Martin
Rick Martin
9:20 pm on Sep 27, 2012

We’ve written much about China’s up-and-coming WeChat application from Tencent (HKG:0700) recently. It has just hit the 200 million user mark, and is already making efforts to cater to brands as a social media marketing solution. We have seen Starbucks jump to be among the first to tap WeChat to interact with Chinese consumers.

CIC founder Sam Flemming has shared an informative graphic comparing the business applications of WeChat and Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) Weibo. Of course, Weibo and WeChat are both very different animals, the former is a microblog, and the latter is a messaging app. And while Weibo has a bit of a head start on WeChat, but this is still an insightful overview for any brands out there who might be pondering which platform(s) is best for them in China. Check out the graphic in full below.

Tencent appears to be very calculating in WeChat’s international expansion as well, doing so without the Tencent or made-in-China brand anywhere to be seen. At a time where China is not making many friends on the political stage, this is probably a wise choice.


For more fun graphics like this one, check out previous entries in our infographic series.

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  • http://www.web-presence-in-china.com Ernie Diaz

    Aaaand another groovy communications tool lost to pseudo-scientific marketing. Like some demonic hybrid Jehovah’s Witness and irate downstairs neighbor, the Ad agency WILL find you, and they WILL ruin the party.