Chinese State Media: 60% of Consumers Are Starting To Think Apple Sucks

C. Custer
11:10 am on Apr 18, 2013

china_appleChina’s state media outlets — mostly CCTV and the People’s Daily — have been waging a sustained campaign against Apple since CCTV’s 3/15 Consumer Rights Day report first slammed the company last month. The latest blow was the People’s Daily proclamation yesterday that Apple’s China app store is full of pornography. And while many have scoffed at the effectiveness of such a campaign, the People’s Daily is claiming impressive results. In a report from today’s paper, the outlet says that nearly 60 percent of the public has lowered its opinion of Apple products. It also says that 54.1 percent of Chinese aren’t satisfied with Apple’s after-sales service.

We’ve compiled some of the paper’s survey results into the charts below, but it’s probably worth mentioning how this survey was conducted. According to the paper, the People’s Daily Strong Nation web forum in collaboration with the China Mainland Marketing Research Co. surveyed 2,824 “ordinary people” across 28 Chinese cities using a phone system. With that said, some of the questions seem to have been a bit leading. For example, it appears that respondents were not even given the option of saying that their opinion of Apple had increased when responding to the first question.

chart_1 (6)

chart_1 (4)

chart_1 (5)

(Apologies for the small, non-interactive charts; Google Spreadsheets was not being cooperative this morning).

The survey also found that long repairs and high repair prices were among Chinese consumers’ chief complaints about Apple’s after-sales service.

(People’s Daily via Sinocism List)

  • Patrick Baker

    My son’s Apple Mac Pro stopped booting up about a week ago. On looking fo the install disk realised that one was not provided with the purchase ! Went to the website to look for support . Discovered that users can purchase Mountain Lion through the Apple App store. However , this needs to be done using your Apple Mac. Uhhhhh… Hang on… the machine won’t boot, you cannot buy a physical disk, to get any Apple support you first need to pay $60 NZ dollars and Apple a MULTI MILLION dollar company does not have support over weekends. So you have a computer that cannot boot and the only way you can get a new OS X is to purchase one using the Apple Store . So much for ingenuity , creativity and brilliance. Totally agree Apple SUCKS . Decided that I am going to get an android .

  • Not telling

    When my iPad chargers stopped working well all 3 of them and I called them and I said I only had it for a month and they said that they couldn’t do it today or next week then I said I will come in the store then will I get service and he said no and said that I had to book an appointment for them all
    Apple Sucks Don’t Buy they scam you

  • a

    If I want to download an app provided for FREE by my bank I am presented with the Appstore conditions of use in a language I do not understand but happen to be in the country that has it as an official one. The policy of making separate Appstores for different countries is a dinosaur in the cyberspace.

  • tipp

    You are right. If they want to charge different VAT so be it but the content should be the same available everywhere. if I am in UK and want to have it in Mandarin why can’t I. The world globalised but Apple is only pretending to be global.

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