China's Guild Wars 2 servers have 3.9 million player characters, and there's more!


Guild Wars 2 launched a little while ago in China, and given the ugly security snafu that popped up at launch, I’ve been wondering how the game is doing. The results, according to a game-wide census of the Guild Wars 2 China servers: pretty well!

Although it’s not clear how many actual players there are (since a single person might have multiple characters), across all of the game’s 33 China servers there are 3,974,861 player characters. But the data goes a lot deeper than that. Check out the interactive chart we put together below (you’ll have to do some scrolling to see all of the data):

For example, if you like playing with a crowd, you’re going to want to choose the Deweina server, which boasts a population of 314,113 player characters. Solitude more your style? The game’s smallest server, Aideboen, has just 13,218 player characters.

If you don’t feel like looking at men, you’re out of luck, because every single server in China boasts more male than female characters—probably a reflection of the fact that the players themselves are mostly male. But if you’re looking for ladies, the Deweina server is again your best bet, as 46.8% of its player characters are female. Looking to avoid the fairer sex? Join the Dunyazhidi server, which has just 37% female player characters. (Overall, the game’s Chinese servers have 41.6% female characters in China).

Pretty interesting, no? Check out the whole data dump for yourself here, it also has some data on player classes.

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