How Has Apple Not Killed This? Chinese Startup Enables iOS App Piracy Without a Jailbreak

Steven Millward
12:42 pm on Jan 2, 2013

China KuaiYong iOS app piracy

With the recent closure of the iOS jailbreak app Installous, the mischievous hive-mind of the web has been looking for an alternative way of running pirated apps. And you won’t be too surprised to learn that China has the answer in the form of KuaiYong (literally meaning “use quickly”). It’s essentially a rogue app store in the form of a Windows PC app that allows pirated iPhone and iPad apps to be installed without even needing a jailbreak.

This alarming development means that pirating iOS apps has become as easy as it is on Android, where a number of third-party app stores in China carry ripped-off apps. KuaiYong touts itself as supporting even iOS 6 on any device, since no jailbreak is needed. Its own tagline says: “New apps every day, you don’t need to understand mobiles and jailbreaking, don’t need iTunes, don’t need to login – just pick an app, download and install, and use it.”

KuaiYong was spotted by TheNextWeb today. Digging back through KuaiYong’s official Sina Weibo account (here), it actually launched the first beta of its rogue app back in June 2012. Being only in Chinese seems to have caused it to go under the radar for so long, though there are a few demo videos and written guides out on the web showing everyone how to use KuaiYong on their own iPhones or iPads.

China KuaiYong iOS app piracy

In deep shit? KuaiYong founder.

TheNextWeb goes on to point out that KuaiYong is basically using bulk enterprise licensing to bypass Apple’s safeguards. So the Chinese service is essentially distributing the exact same app – with the same license ID – over and over again.

More trawling through Weibo suggests that the man behind KuaiYong is Xie Lei (pictured right; his Weibo page), who calls himself the CEO of this rather dodgy new Chinese startup. Just a few days ago he posted that KuaiYong now has five million users, and for some reason attached a photo of the top of his shaved head along with that snippet of info. It was posted from his iPhone. We wonder when Mr. Xie will get a call from Apple’s lawyers.

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  • Vincent

    I wonder how the Chinese courts is going to judge this.

  • Alex

    All this seems pretty doable to me since it is now relatively to write in the iOS file system from a PC (e.g. iFunbox)…

    However I would not be surprised if this PC app contains malware, viruses or backdoors…

    You have been warned.

  • kyonkanno

    It will be fun to watch Apple try to sue this guy IN China. In China, they don´t care about pirated stuff. Even law enforcement agents buy pirated stuff from night markets.

  • SteveLTN

    I am a Chinese and I feel shame and angry for this man and the software.

    In fact this software is using Apple developer ID, specificly, purchase the apps and use developer authority to install them into the devices. Apple could simply ban his developer account, or modify their developer policy.

  • Jon

    I’m overseas Chinese and I think it’s cool I get free apps without pay, I don’t give a f@ about apple, any white dude would do the exact same shit if this site is in English, go and download as long as it is free. Still one good thing in China that they don’t let the big corporation own us. Well, everybody else in America uses pirated copies of Adobe softwares just like in China.

  • Vltk

    There are reason why it’s called piracy. In the old day, act of piracy result in hang. U moron

  • JJ

    owh for shame…*quickly downloads apps*

    contrary to what most of you think i do purchase apps that i think is worth it (btw Fifa13 is TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY) while others i feel that i was scammed..this is a good way to test apps prior to actually buying the thing..then again, that’s just me

  • Home

    Not yet tried them yet… but are the apps full? Some look as free apps (also available at App Store) with unlocking options (not full)… Anyone knows this?

  • diss ’em

    JJ I agree with you! FIFA 13 Soccer is worth every penny. Home, there are a lot of good paid apps and games on Kuaiyong. Little bit of free version apps and games but most are paid ones. Kuaiyong works like a charm on my iPhone 4S on iOS 6.0 nonjailbroken.

  • ar9avv

    Kuaiyong doesnt work after itunes patch and ask for apple id and passwordand then suddenly crashes … but it has a fix . The fix is checked and firstly you should have to pcs … then on one pc on which it isnt working on that you should download the apps and thencopy it to other pc … now in other pc firstly install kauiyong and then disconnect internet and now double click on copied apps from other pc and then it will ask for ok(chinese lang) in kauiyong and then app will show in kuaiyong now right click on app and choose the third option with connected device and paid app will get installed … this is working 100%till 4th dec 2013 thanks(i dont support piracy this is only for devlopment and learning)
    arnav gupta

  • long john silver

    ooh aar jim lad *squawk*!

    arr piracy tain’t what it be back in my day; with only one good leg and polly on me shoulder *squawk* we be aaafter the spanish doubloons! I think a scandal it be to compare ye file copyinns tae piracy on the high seas. everybody now! “oh a pirates life for me…” *squawk! pieces of eight! pieces of eight!

  • Ricky

    @ar9avv, I tested it just now and it works fine, I didn’t experience the same problem you did. BTW, I’m using iOS 6.0.1 on my iPod Touch 4th Gen. I’m quite surprised at simple & easy it is to use, and it works amazingly well without the need to jailbreak……..

  • Daddy

    Anyone who says that piracy is bad is a di** head and an a** hole. Fu** you bi*tch and check ur pc first. Oh and check ur songs as well.

  • undergroundrats

    those who can afford should pay and those who can’t affort kill and steal that is the law of survival

  • http://none Ar9avv

    @Ricky yeah bro it works fine now … i dont know what happened earlier when it used ro ask apple id and password … after we open app on iphone and suddenly crash the installed app… but now its working fine with my pc …thanks a lot for replying … take care and have a good day brother

  • CuriousBoy

    I just tried to download an app, i.e. Walking Dead The Game (just trying to see whether the other episodes are unlocked), when i opened it it asks for apple id and password. I’ve entered mine but it just quits itself. :X I need help

  • ipodgenius

    For everyone who is having the Apple ID error, I have the solution. On the top right hand corner of Kuaiyong, there are two buttons, a heart and a maintenance tool. Click the maintenance tool, and a pop up screen with a green button will appear. Click the green sign, and you will begin to see a slider. When the slider reaches the end, you will see three green checkmarks, notifying you that the fix is complete.

  • fancf

    I’m Chinese and find paying for apps or songs, etc very difficult. Lots of great apps are not available in our store. ITunes store is totally unavailiable. And the Internet is slow like a snail. Although I do not support piracy, I feel it a real challenge for many Chinese people to use Apple devices. Perhaps the biggest problem is that Chinese market is too ignored by Apple.

  • fanchenfei

    I’m Chinese and find paying for apps or songs, etc very difficult. Lots of great apps are not available in our store. ITunes store is totally unavailiable. And the Internet is slow like a snail. Although I do not support piracy, I feel it a real challenge for many Chinese people to use Apple devices. Perhaps the biggest problem is that Chinese market is too ignored by Apple.

    p.s. The Chinese court would do nothing about this. They do nothing for everything.

  • mrLambong

    You’re great.. It’s works.. Even the untethered jailbreak out today.. Its still worth to use this genius thing.. Congrate.. Happy appling..

  • Arkar

    Please make English language for kuaiyoung ! Thats cool alright. Many thanks kuaiyoung !

  • تركي


  • iahan

    screw apple . kuaiyong is a great leap in the battle against the big corporation . ii am british , live in china . trust me , the chinese goverment dont care about piracy . they will probably even welcome kuaiyong , and wont let the america corporations tell ordinary chinese people what they can and can not do .

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