10 Early Stage Start-up Pitches [LIVE BLOG] #gstartup


Live notes on start-up pitches.

16Fun (China)

  • Focuses on mobile games imitating virtual reality
  • Features include playing games with friends
  • Business model: Virtual currency, in-app purchases, linking game with business owners
  • Distribution strategy: Consolidate a list of distributors, build relationships, events

BookRice (Hong Kong)

  • “Transforming how restaurants and consumers interact with each other”
  • Problems – Diners: Inconvenience, Restaurants: Still paper and pen reservation, no data analysis
  • BookRice allows diners to reserve tables anywhere, anytime
  • Key points: personalized consumer data, scheduling reservation
  • Competitors: OpenTable but no strong presence in Asia
  • Judges are concerned about the small market in Hong Kong.

RedSparro (Singapore)

  • The 20:1000 problem in events – 1000 attendees but an average participants can only meet about 20 people
  • RedSparro helps you connect with others in an event. Through scheduled meetings, synced with social networks. The app allows you to send message for meet up
  • RedSparro also help users to find the right people, such as business mentors or co-founders
  • Post deals also allow users to promote tickets through the app
  • Competition: Twitter, Presdo
  • Answer to competition – “Twitter is unstructured and not catered for events and meet ups”
  • Mentor includes Adeo Ressi and Jeffrey Paine

Kwestr (China)

  • Social games + real friend + real goals = Kwestr
  • Gamification any experience within a social framework. Doing things fun and social.
  • E.g Users set up a “Stop smoking” quest. Milestones will checked and updated via social networks
  • Energetic presentation :)

Fonaja (Indonesia)

  • Fonaja is a virtual enterprise phone system for self-employed professionals and small-medium businesses
  • Managing a local phone number, creating call rules, providing phone extensions, and many others.
  • Analytics: Call stat- phone traffic
  • Business model: Direct subscription, every user = subscriber. Stable revenue compared to ads
  • Best feature – Intelligent voice response. Answered by auto recordings, aka giving advice through bots voice

Moglue (Korea)

  • Interactive eBooks
  • Moglue is basically a drag and drop interface for users to create interactive eBooks on the iPad and Android powered devices
  • The demo is pretty cool!
  • 5 years from now: Right now is more about creating the eBooks, but eventually it would be about distributing these eBooks.

SmarTots (China)

  • The “OpenFeint” for educational apps. World’s first platform for kids apps
  • SDK based, for education apps
  • Provides educational statistics with all the apps build on SmarTots SDK
  • Business model: 5% from apple, 15% from developers
  • Total download hit more than 20,000, organic marketing
  • Seeking for $250,000 to start hockey stick growth. Looking for investors who are into kids products.
  • Brilliant pitch from the team, the investors love it!

MobileApps (Singapore)

  • MobileApps.com is the Google Adsense/Adwords ad network for mobile apps
  • “Adsense widget “for their mobile app
  • 95% ad sales to developers
  • 2800 app developers, 800 publishers so far

Sasser (Japan)

  • Our friends from Sassor is up next
  • Catch the ELP featured story here

Senscape (China)

  • To become the AR browser supporting both iOS and Android on smart phones
  • With the AR browser, you practically find apartments and friends through a scan
  • The video demo is pretty good: Futuristic (can’t find it on YouTube)
  • Vision is to provide the foundation of new media platform in the era of mobile internet integrating virtual into the real world
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