Xiaomi’s first batch of Mi 3 phones in India sells out in 38 minutes



Earlier this afternoon, China-based phonemaker Xiaomi announced the end of its first-ever flash sale in India. According to a Facebook post, a batch of the company’s high-end Mi 3 devices, retailing at RS13999 (about US$230) sold out in 38 minutes.

Tracking Xiaomi’s flash sales numbers can get quite silly, since flash sales are designed to fill orders in short periods of time.

While the company hasn’t officially revealed how many users successfully snagged a Mi3 during the sale, it did reveal that over 100,000 potential customers registered to participate in it. Last Friday, at Xiaomi’s launch event in Bangalore, Hugo Barra told a group of journalists the company intended to sell 5,000 devices – so if that’s indeed how many phones users obtained, it would seem that demand in India looks promising.

Xiaomi’s inaugural flash sales tend to sell out slower than the ones that follow afterwards, so one ought to not read too deeply into India’s comparatively long duration. As is typical during the early stages of the company’s domestic launches, Facebook commenters haven’t shied away from expressing frustration with the purchase procedures, and reports of Flipkart crashing have surfaced in domestic media. Xiaomi stated that it will work with Flipkart to make the experience smoother in the future.

In other Xiaomi news, the company today pulled the curtains on its latest flagship device, the Mi 4, along with a wristband tracker set to retail for just over US$10.

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