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Xiaomi and MIUI Reach For the Cloud With New MiDrive

Steven Millward
Steven Millward
4:38 pm on Jul 12, 2012

Xiaomi Miui Midrive 02

Here comes yet another cloud storage service that’s geared towards smartphone users. The Xiaomi-owned MIUI team, which makes the Android-based OS in China’s Xiaomi phones and which also can be installed on many other Android phones, has just announced the launch of MiDrive on their G+ page. MiDrive will give 5GB of free storage, and will be “coming this week,” presumably tomorrow during MIUI’s weekly software updates every Friday afternoons.

MiDrive will be a new app, as pictured above and below, and will allow for cloud storage and syncing across multiple Android devices. It’ll also be accessible in the browser via pan.xiaomi.com (pictured below) for users in China. It’s not clear where there’ll be an international version of the web app for MIUI users around the world.

Xiaomi Miui Midrive 01

The MiDrive app, says the MIUI team, is a new feature only for MIUI V4 – the version that’s based on the latest Android 4.0. That’s bad news for Xiaomi phone users who’re still on Android 2.3, and will be left out of the cloud action for a while. We’ve reached out to the MIUI OS team, and hopefully they can clear up precisely how MiDrive will roll out. In the meantime, here are more screenshots:

Xiaomi Miui Midrive 03

[Source: MIUI ROM on G+]

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