Which Country Has the Most Gamer Girls?


For some gamers, finding a girl to date and play games with is sort of like the holy grail. But these ladies — gamer girls, as they’re often called — are said to be quite rare. So where can you go if you’re looking to find the most gamer girls? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the answer is apparently Japan. According to data collected by the Chinese gaming site 17173, girls make up 66 percent of Japan’s gamers, compared to 37 percent in Korea and just 27 percent in China:


Now, I’m not sure exactly how 17173 compiled this data, and it seems pretty unlikely that they conducted a rigorous scientific study. But the results do seem to make sense, at least based on my own admittedly anecdotal understanding of the markets in these countries. It’s especially unsurprising to see China rank so low given the country’s gender imbalance and the general perception among many in China that gaming is a rather unladylike hobby. (That’s a prejudice that’s common in plenty of countries, including some of the Western ones in that chart, by the way).

17173’s survey also shows that Chinese gamers would prefer a gamer girlfriend at a rate of more than 2 to 1, so clearly the country’s male gamers are in for a bit of disappointment. But of course, there’s a strategy for dealing with that, according to many of the survey’s respondents: simply date a regular girl and then try to turn her into a gamer girl.

It’s worth saying that the whole idea of a “gamer girl” is a little ridiculous at this point — everyone plays games on their phone, so at what point does someone magically become a “gamer”? — but as is evident from the 17173 survey, that doesn’t stop many of Asia’s male gamers from dreaming about meeting a girl who kicks ass on a date and in a round of League of Legends.

(via 17173)

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