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TWIA #66: The Worlds of Tencent & Sekai Camera

2:29 pm on Aug 31, 2010 by SGE

Our TWIA producer, Mike Foong is finally back with the crew in the virtual studio after 3 months of hiatus, with also one of our highest recurring special guests, Serkan Toto (@serkantoto) from TechCr...

TWIA #58: Live from Open Web Asia SEA

7:57 pm on Jul 18, 2010 by SGE

It has been an exciting week for the Malaysia web/tech scene with the Open Web Asia – Southeast Asia conference happening in Kuala Lumpur on 13-14 July. The TWIA crew hosted a live show with Serkan To...

TWIA #50: Live from Echelon 2010

11:28 pm on Jun 12, 2010 by SGE

Coming live from Echelon 2010 on 2 June with the largest panel ever assembled and a major announcement, the TWIA crew is in full force for the 1st time with interesting threads of discussion ever purs...