Creative Ad: Child Labour

9:30 am on Jul 23, 2010 by Sarah Chong |  1

Coming up with an ad is not easy. It needs to break through the clutter, and attract eyeballs. It needs to be memorable, and impactful. It needs to translate in...

Are Viral Videos Effective?

12:11 am on Mar 31, 2010 by Willis Wee |  4

We love watching viral videos but just exactly how effective are they? Although the number of views accumulated is pleasing to see, it does not necessarily tran...

Ads Coming On Twitter Soon

2:44 am on Feb 24, 2010 by Sarah Chong |  8

“Twitter advertising platform is expected to launch within a month or so and is currently under the test phase.” Anamitra Banerji, head of product management an...