We’re Rebranding: Announcing ‘Tech in Asia’


We’re dropping the name Penn Olson and rebranding our Asia tech news blog to (drumroll please…) Tech in Asia (Techinasia.com). Some of you likely saw this coming as we have been gradually making changes to some of our online presences over the past few weeks [1]. The original name was never ever chosen in the context of it being a tech blog focusing on Asia. It started out more as a self-learning blog which we then focused more on social media, and later even used to run digital marketing campaigns for brands.

We didn’t like the agency work so we shifted our focus to tech in Asia, where we found our sweet spot. Things have changed so much that the old name wasn’t much related to the things that we’re doing right now. But I do acknowledge that Penn Olson has served us well, like an invisible guardian angel that has taught me much about blogging and all things on the web.

Some of our close friends look forward to the rebranding, but some are sad that the name couldn’t stay any longer. But we made a decision to rebrand to Tech in Asia because we wanted it to immediately make sense to the millions of potential readers who are or will be taking a closer look at technology and startups in Asia in the near future.

We will also rebrand our Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Google+, and other web presences to maintain the Tech in Asia brand consistency. Other than the rebranding, everything else will pretty much remain the same. Our team will be working as hard as ever to dig up and report on the latest tech and startup news across Asia.

The logo is made up of the letters ‘T’ (ech) and ‘A’(sia) which forms the shape of the Asia continent and the figure ‘8’ if you look sideways. ‘8’ is a good number in in Asia which stands for prosperity. Our red theme color is chosen as it is a common color found in most flags in Asia. Red also stands for prosperity too.

Special thanks to Yao Liu for coming up with our new logo, Leo Haryono for advising us on SEO matters, Eric Koh for server matters, and also Yet Another Studio for the design tweaks and site migration.

Most importantly we’d like to thank all of our readers and supporters who have helped us get this far. We look forward to growing with you, continuing to build this company in the future.

  1. You may have noticed our Facebook page URL, for example, has been facebook.com/techinasia for some time now. ↩

(And yes, we're serious about ethics and transparency. More information here.)

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