Poll: Chinese gamers overwhelmingly prefer PS4 to Xbox One

C. Custer
10:00 am on Jul 14, 2014

Microsoft is getting ready to launch the Xbox One in China, but if an online poll at Netease Games is any indication, China’s gamers may be more interested in Sony’s offerings.

As of this writing, more than 5,000 gamers have voted in the poll, which asked gamers which they would choose: the Xbox One, the PS4, the PS Vita and Vita TV, both systems, or unauthorized (and hacked) gray market imports. Nearly 60% of respondents chose the PS4, and less than 11% chose the Xbox One—fewer than chose the unauthorized gray market imports option!

china-console-preferences graph

Now, to be fair, this is just an online poll, and its sample is probably not a fair representation of China’s gaming market. The audience could also be biased in favor of the PS4; it’s probably posted elsewhere too, but I found it in an article that mentions Sony in the title. The Xbox One is also discussed in the article itself, but the Sony headline might be attracting more Playstation fans than Xbox fans.

But other polls and comment threads on the Chinese web that I’ve come across suggest the same thing: China’s more excited for the PS4 than it is for the Xbox One, even though the PS4 seems to be significantly further from release. That could be tough news for Microsoft, which is already behind in the console battle in other major markets.

(via Netease Games)

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