Mobile game revenue in Asia is almost two and a half times of that of America (INFOGRAPHIC)


According to mobile game marketing firm Applift and market researcher Newzoo, the total revenue for the Asia Pacific mobile game market will be $12.20 billion this year. It’s tremendous, given that the global revenue for 2014 is estimated to be at $21.70 billion, and the second largest market is North America at only $4.9 billion. It’s no surprise that developers are starting to go all out to woo Asian audiences, as we’ve seen with content and events tailored for them. For more statistical goodness, check out the infographic below:

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However in terms of average spend, users in the Asia Pacific dont spend as much as their North American counterparts. This is in spite of the average spend per month per paying mobile user in the Asia Pacific has grown from $2.86 to $4.17. The average spend per month per paying mobile user in North America is $6.21 (up from last year’s $3.87).

Nonetheless, publishers find both markets equally appealing in no small part thanks to a lower cost per install of $1.61 on iOS and $1.16 on Android in Asia Pacific, excluding Australia, South Korea and Japan. Factoring these three countries results in a cost per install of $3.09 and $3.06 on iOS and Android respectively. It’s lower than North America’s $3.78 on iOS but higher than the Android cost per install of $2.30.

What’s interesting is that Applift and Newzoo expect the global market for mobile games by 2017 to hit an astounding $35.40 billion in terms of total revenue. That’s double to what it was in 2013. Like it or loathe it, mobile games are a big deal and these latest projections just cement the fact further.

(via Applift, Newzoo)

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