Malaysian dev makes Flappy Bird spoof called Flappy Mamak

Mary-Anne Lee
Mary-Anne Lee
7:13 pm on Feb 13, 2014

Malaysia’s Fundoma Games just released a spoof of Flappy Bird called Flappy Mamak.

The game, which utilizes the exact same mechanics as Flappy Bird, puts you in the shoes of an Indian man holding a piece of roti canai (a type of flatbread commonly eaten in Malaysia) over his head. This is used parachute-style to keep him adrift in the air as you navigate your way through stacks of teh tarik, or pulled tea, a drink commonly served with roti canai.

It’s a very stereotypical take on your average mamak stall. These eateries are commonly run by members of the Indian-Muslim community in Malaysia and are found all over the country.

The developer who put out news of Flappy Mamak being available on the Play Store is Indian himself, but we’re just wondering, do you think this game is racist or just a funny take on Malaysian culture?

Try Flappy Mamak for yourself.

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