LG Confirms: Nexus 4 Coming to Indonesia This Year

Enricko Lukman
11:57 am on Oct 31, 2012

It is confirmed: The LG-made Nexus 4, Google’s new flagship Android phone, will be available for sale this December in Indonesia. This was announced by Denny Muliawardana, the sales head of LG Mobile Indonesia yesterday via Okezone.

LG reminds Indonesian consumers that the Nexus 4 will not use the widely-rumored Key Lime Pie, instead it runs Jelly Bean 4.2 – that’s still a good update, but with no new name. There is no news regarding the Samsung-made Nexus 10 tablet, but since it took around four months for the Asus-produced Nexus 7 to land in Indonesia (compared to the international release), we might need to wait a bit more for the Nexus 10’s arrival.

[Source: Okezone]

  • CHris

    HI Enricko,

    nice article.

    Do you have any infos if it actually comes to Vietnam this year as well?

    Thanks Chris

  • http://daphnemaia.sg Daphne Maia

    This is really disappointing. Instead of launching it in Singapore first, Google decided to use Indonesia as the launch platform for Asia? :(

  • Denaro Gupta

    This goes to show that Singapore is losing its edge. Anyway for Android Indonesia, India and China are key markets. Singapore is an iOS country and it’s small anyway.

  • http://blog.m-stars.net Ferdi Zebua

    Personally speaking, I for one hope that the Nexus 4 intro price in Jakarta will be at Rp 6 million or less. I doubt they would place it at Rp 4 million since that’s the current average market price for a brand-new Galaxy Nexus, but I’d be fine with that too 😀

  • Julian

    The nexus 4 looks very cool. Prices should be 300 USD / 3 million roops

  • Ardi

    The refusal of Google to allow Nexus devices to use MicroSD card is disappointing, to say the least. 16 GB is minuscule, while 8 GB is virtually useless.

  • Kotocchi

    Well, up ’till now Nexus 4 still haven’t available in Indonesia, yet. Hope It’ll come soon, can’t wait for it. :3

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